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Shawn Trejo was raised in San Antonio, TX. and along with being a career firefighter, is a licensed Texas REALTOR and real estate investor. Shawn services clients seeking residential, recreational, investment and development properties throughout various portions of Texas, to include the metropolitan areas of San Antonio and Houston, along with the rural sections of West, Central, & South Texas. Shawn has years of experience in finding solutions for buyers and enjoys educating new clients on how easy it is to secure quality properties for both recreational and residential use.

Shawn created Affordable Texas Ranches to promote the opportunity of real property ownership through the concept of owner/seller financing. This financing model allows for many more potential customers who wish to experience ownership of both land and improved property to fulfil their dreams. Give Shawn a call today at 210.729.0266 to learn more about how you can have a piece of Texas or New Mexico to call your own!

All property sold by Affordable Texas Ranches is by recorded plat approved by the commissioners court of the county in which they are located and access to the property is insured and recorded. Affordable Texas Ranches is a state leader in recreational, retirement and hunting land sales. We offer competitive fixed rate owner financing for up to thirty (30) years on all property offered for sale with as little as five percent (5%) down. Call today to learn more about our affordable owner financing.